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When selling to businesses it’s important to be able to gauge when it’s the right time to reach out to a prospect. Much like a city street vendor that sells over-priced umbrellas to unprepared pedestrians that get caught in the rain, you can position yourself to be at the right place at the right time.


One good indicator that a business is ready to buy is when they register a new domain name. A new business website can mean that a company is finally at a stage where it can invest in having an online presence. This can be very valuable information if you’re selling advertising, web design consulting, SEO, legal services, or even dental equipment for that brand new dental office just building their first website.


The process for setting this up is incredibly simple and can help you end up with hundreds of new leads a week.


1) Go to or a similar website to find an archive of newly registered web domains for that day.

2) If available, download a CSV so you can get an exported list of these new domains that you can later format.

3) In a spreadsheet, after removing any domain that is not marked as ‘new’, set up a VLOOKUP formula for every keyword you’d like to search. For example, if you’re selling to Lawyers you may want to find domains that have the world ‘legal’ in them, like

4) Lastly, open up a WHOIS directory like to look up the contact information of the person that registered that domain. Often times this information is publicly available.

Once you have a long list of of contacts to reach out to it’s time to start qualifying. Next week we’ll write about using LinkedIn to connect with target prospects. To get the post in your inbox, subscribe here.